Meet the Hatler's

Well, my name is Manuela, I am a Mom of 3, married to my Soulmate, Army Veteran, I love chocolate, pizza, pasta and cocktails :). I been with my company for about 2 year and I love everything it stand for.

But let be honest, nobody goes out and spends money on Weight Loss or Diet products because they want to, or spend hundreds on business opportunity's they cant afford to begin with just for fun in hopes that it might work and to get told by everybody in their circle that they just got scammed.

How do I know that?! Because I been there. See when I Retired from the Army it wasn't because I wanted to but I had to. I had sustained a lot of injury's and was told that I could no longer continue serving my country :(. When I left I finally saw all the specialist I needed to see and within a few month I went from 135lb to over 200lb.

Now I was not just depressed and broke but also extreme overweight. Now my husband was super supportive and we ventured as I called it the Weight Loss Trail. I tried everything on Walmart shelves, GNC and even from the internet. Nothing.

A year later I was sitting in the yard with one of my neighbors and she told me about a friend that was selling these products, but all she remembered is that they had a wrap and a pill that had helped her and the name of the company. Now yes I am a Googler LOL, I Google everything, and I did that night for a view hours because I just didn't want to waist any more time or money we did not really have anyhow.

And yes you will find bad think about everything and everybody but something intrigued me about this company, something was different. I don't know about you but I done other company's before in my life in an afford to make some money but this just seemed different.

I wasn't really sure about the wrap, I didn't understand what it did or how it would work but I wanted the Pills, so I signed up to become a Distributor and that is how it all started.

The mission is about helping other getting healthy, looking and feeling better or/and making that extra income you need whatever it is for you. - It's a way of life!